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Language Log

Friday, Jan. 24, 2020 - 11:29 p.m.

Second update:
Fell behind on making the blanks but can catch up on that in the morning.

Got the cyanotype solution on the paper. It’s pretty dark in the casita bedroom where I do this, but since they are slow to dry I had to leave them overnight and am worried about light. No door to the bedroom, unfortunately. So I rigged up a blackout curtain for the doorway from plastic lawn bags and duct tape. I felt mighty suspicious, working away with my trash bags and duct tape with my gloves on.

Oh another idea: specifically go to the Rillito river to take cyanotypes. I don’t think there’s anything special there really, but then I can say I did it and that sounds interesting anyway, doesn’t it? (The Rillito is a dry river bed most of the year, you can walk down it).

Last time I went out to the field to do cyanotypes I had this whole tent thing I brought along so I could arrange the stuff on the paper in darkness rather than end up exposing the whole thing in the sun while I’m fiddling around with making things look nice. It still wasn’t very doable and I need another solution. Portable darkroom. Am thinking something as simple as a cardboard box? Not sure. This time of year isn’t so bad because things don’t start wilting instantly like they do when it’s 110.

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