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Language Log

Friday, Feb. 14, 2020 - 4:30 p.m.

Bought a bunch of plants today, regular herbs and some native wildflowers from the native seeds place. At the native plant place I asked after their gift shop manager and they gave me her card to call and make an appointment about my jewelry.

Planted my peas, weeded in front, potted a couple herbs, weeded the side patio a lot. Think I might be able to plant some beans there too. Or at least some of the wildflowers.

Did some absurd waste of energy where I got one of my empty water barrels from the side of the house, emptied all the buckets of water and the partial broken trash can of water from the rain the other day into it, realized it had a leak, got the other empty rain barrel, scooped all the water from the other one into it, realized it too had a leak. Moved the water again back into the cracked trashcan (cracks are horizontal halfway up, so it sort of holds water), put one of the too-big lids on it. Dumped the extra water that was too much.

Worked out. Dropped kids off, picked kids up.

So I got a lot done. Sort of. Afternoons lately though my mood drops. Now I just feel like laying here feeling sad until bedtime. I don’t know why. Not a fan.

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