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Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020 - 10:15 p.m.

Today seemed long.
Plumber came, bad news is the entire main water line needs replaced basically. The one from the street to the front of the house isn’t leaking yet but will soon. It goes right under my peas. I’m hoping we can put it off until those are done in 3 months or so.

Haven’t seen the estimate yet but it’s gonna be bad.

Started a new batch of jewelry. I counted and I have 24 basic earring designs. Many I also use for pendants. I need to make examples of all the ones I don’t already have photos of, and put on the wholesale site. Do a few more of the multi piece designs. Then it’ll be worth it to pay for advertising. May run a couple of the cheaper ads in the run up to Mother’s Day. There’s one that’s $22 for a week, and listed in the newsletter. And the next tier up is $135 or so for 90 days. I have so many things I need to spend $ on though. Paper. Ear wires, silver wire. My um, actual business license. Hard to know how much to allocate for advertising.

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