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Language Log

Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020 - 9:20 a.m.

Yesterday was pretty bad. I had a meltdown in the morning and it basically took me all day to recover. I tried so hard to logic myself out of it and it just didn’t work. Made it worse probably. I did eventually coat some paper with the cyanotype solution. Too windy to do any today though.

I am, predictably, having more ideas about cyanotype and I need to ignore them and stay on brand here. Yes, I could probably use a resist to block out a pattern on the paper in a way that could be interesting. Yes, I could use my dad’s negatives. Yes, I could make photo collages using my dad’s negatives plus lettering on acetate plus plant and other materials. Yes, I could stitch on a translucent fabric and do a cyan of that. Or paper cuts. Yes, I could do cyanotype on fabric and use it to make bracelets. Yes, I could do cyanotype on wood and make other decorative items.

And I should, for fun, but not for this shop.

I see I have an ad in the indieme email newsletter this week. Not sure how that happened and they didn’t charge me, so I guess it’s part of what you get for signing up. Good. Okay.

Thought I was finally in the black but realized I didn’t enter the indieme membership fee into the balance sheet, so no. Not yet.

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