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Language Log

Tuesday, Mar. 03, 2020 - 12:46 p.m.

Got my flu shot finally. It was the most painful shot I’ve had in some time. I blame the person who gave it.

Wondering if coronavirus will positively affect airline prices in the coming months.

Feeling discouraged about the jewelry. The person from native seeds got back to me and basically they only carry stuff by native artists. It makes sense and all, but I had been hoping. And I don’t have another plan in place for the next place to approach.

Just kind of blah overall.

Restarted my sourdough starter from dried, it seems to be working. The dried starter is several years old so I wasn’t sure, but it doesn’t take much. I had thought I could be happy with regular yeast but for the pizza dough especially, the flavor isn’t nearly the same. Wish me luck. I need to remember to dry more of the starter as soon as it’s vigorous again, in case I need the backup again.

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