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Language Log

Thursday, Mar. 12, 2020 - 10:45 a.m.

A couple people offered to pay for the patches I was willing to send for free, so that’s awesome. I’ll make a bunch and send them out when they’re dry. Yes, even to you if I have your address.

Got a reorder from the shop in Green Valley. Was REALLY not expecting that at this point, it’s fantastic.

Have plans to make a print that says “useless sapphic”. For patches and shirts. Send the message you can send no other way, passively with clothing. Pretty sure there’s a market for this.

Mom still wants to go out to a restaurant for her birthday, despite virus. I kinda feel like we should veto her. She said she doesn’t really care what happens to her, she’s about to be 90. And then we immediately went on to discuss how one or two cases in that building would wipe everyone out. But this has no affect on her own willingness to expose herself. Maybe not everyone in there agrees. This fuckin attitude. And here we are, doing as she prefers instead of putting it off until the situation is settled.

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