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Language Log

Monday, Mar. 16, 2020 - 1:09 a.m.

I went to coffee. I will not go again for a while I expect.

Apologies were offered for the failure of the social plans. Hopefully there will be plans again soon.

We went to the empty campus today and wandered around...picked grapefruit and sour oranges. Both boys like grapefruit. I think I’ll make marmalade from the oranges.

Things have not been much different for us, but the feel of things is different. Anxiety. Entropy. I found a website that updates stats on the virus by state. Number of new cases, number recovered, deaths. Info about where. I like watching the numbers. As numbers. I’m glad I’m not in Florida right now.

Tomorrow is mom’s birthday. I bought a couple shirts for her. I’ll make cake. We’ll bring in from somewhere.

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