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Language Log

Wednesday, Mar. 25, 2020 - 9:11 p.m.

Today. The patches turned out good. Eventually I also printed the slogan on duct tape and used spray fix and it seems to have worked. It won’t be permanent but it’ll be protected a little. And it really does look super cool on the duct tape. Now where should I put them...? I suppose I should stop posting about certain things. Fun can be had without incriminating oneself. Fun is still fun when it’s private. Sometimes moreso.

Let’s see. What else. I planted the remaining 3 giant beans in the hole I had actually dug for tomatoes, but the beans were ready to transplant and the tomatoes aren’t, so that’s a problem for another day. The ones I planted last week are growing 3-4 inches a day.

And I moved a bunch of compost to the garbage can water barrel that sprang a leak. So now I have 2 bins. It was nice and warm and super active and I am very proud of my compost. I look forward to being able to put a lid on it and roll it around to mix and aerate it.

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