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Language Log

Friday, Apr. 10, 2020 - 7:54 a.m.

The red ink on grey duct tape looks very good.

I can’t go put up stickers today because it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and I want to see how things hold up in the rain before putting up more directly before a rainstorm.

I have a bit more printing today and then need to think of next project.

Yesterday I started out realizing it was Thursday but by the end of the day I was convinced it was Friday.

I have been strangely avoidant of the task of making face masks. It’s a thing well within my abilities. But it’s not MY IDEA so I’m having trouble. Once I get going it’ll be ok, and we don’t need many. I can stamp mine with “eat the rich” and it’ll be awesome. Still. When will I do it.

My friend who is PDA posted about her demand avoidance. She’s demand avoidant about taking her meds, which she needs. So she throws up when she takes them. But she’s also demand avoidant about vomiting, so she ends up forcing the med-containing vomit back down her throat. A daily struggle. I am not that level of demand avoidant and I feel like a faker for saying we’re in the same category.

Oh my mom’s friend didn’t kill herself. It was just regularly scheduled drinking self to death. Yay, I guess? What’s the difference really?

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