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Language Log

Tuesday, May. 12, 2020 - 3:25 p.m.

J pointed me to a small grant for an art project related to the pandemic. Personal experience of it or something. He thinks the work I’m already doing could be spun right. I’m trying to think of new ideas. They want work from underrepresented groups, and I don’t feel underrepresented. Oh, autistic, ok but I don’t have a diagnosis so can I even reference that?

Cyanotype jewelry, but photographic images. Memoir.

My block prints. On t shirts or patches or whatever. I kinda like patches because mending. Logo removal + the right block print= critique of capitalism. Meh. “The right block print” being the tricky bit as always.

Oh, my lettering. My favorite manuscript was from just before the Black Death spread to the British Isles. Surely there are other gothic manuscripts from the continent, I could use their hands. Weird detail but why not.

Unrelatedly that medieval dragon block print I did a while ago, the one saying “AAAAAAAA”, I cut the AAAAAAAA off and now I can use it if I want or have the dragon saying something else. What else might it say? In the image I based it on I think it was eating someone’s head.

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