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Language Log

Friday, May. 15, 2020 - 8:52 a.m.

I’ve been enjoying making the cyanotypes from negatives. Now reading about gum dichromate process. Now THAT’S a rabbit hole.

Most of the work is slides and those are not negatives so if I want to work with those I have scan them and make digital negatives from them. This is not the fun part.

I still have a week to come up with something to pitch for that grant. I kind of want to do cyanotype photographic jewelry for it, but what images? And again here we are. Just as my success as a printmaker is limited from the start by my mediocre drawing skills, my success as a alt process photographer is limited by my skills as a photographer. My composition is good but I know there’s so much more to it. And anyway how to make it relevant to the topic?

But it would be nice to have a reason to learn to make good digital negatives. Some money to buy more paper and chemicals. And make some more impressive jewelry pieces. Not that the plant stuff isn’t impressive. But photo jewelry is awesome in a different way.

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