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Language Log

Thursday, Jun. 04, 2020 - 8:00 a.m.

My screaming dragon shirt could be screaming anything, because the letters are separable from the image.

Working on one that says “people before property” but I’m not sure about it. Needs an image with it. Once again I wish I were Paul Peter Piech. Or just Linguafranca, but with drawing.

Wrestled for a long time with the printer to print the test strips on my transparency. Wasted a few transparencies. Eventually got it but now I keep rereading the instructions like...I do what with this now? What? And it makes me feel skeptical of the amount of effort required for the sake of printing one or two images. BUT this is learning, this is how it happens.

There was one person I am aware of who printed gum dichromate on fabric, and then embroidered over it. In the 1970s. I don’t suppose it would hold up to washing too well so it’s still not functional craft.

I’m bothered by questions about art and photography right now. As many photos as there are these days. How do you make a picture worth keeping. A picture anyone else is interested in. Somehow the contrasting of these rather time consuming processes for creating images with the ubiquity of digital images seems to be the area of interest. One imagines a hand bound book: selfie thread. Where every filtered Snapchat photo in some Facebook selfie thread is meticulously rendered in handmade photos. I don’t know. What of it though. “Medium is the message” territory. What do I have to say about it though.

“we refuse to flee poetry for reality. But we refuse to flee reality for poetry”

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