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Language Log

Saturday, Jun. 06, 2020 - 7:40 a.m.

It was too cloudy to print anything yesterday but today I’ll print another test page to see if the printer settings are right. I prepped an image of my friend’s cat from a couple years ago, followed the instructions precisely so hopefully I will have success. Small and from a photo I saved off FB. I can’t wait to try it.

Today is Cat Day, a holiday U and E made up. I have to make a cake and we’ll eat mashed potatoes, guacamole, and spaghetti carbonara and the kids will make Salad People, but cats not people. Salad Cats. I also have to make banana bread because we have bananas that are about to draw flies.

I met with this couple I’m tentatively planning to do filthy things with. For a couple hours at the park. I like them but it took all my social energy and I’m still not recovered. I remember why I hate socializing even with people I like. I realized that sexual contact doesn’t create this level of discomfort in me, which is interesting and explains a couple things about me I guess.

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