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Language Log

Sunday, Jun. 07, 2020 - 6:45 a.m.

Cat Day was mostly a success except we waited too long to start the spaghetti carbonara and Salad Cats, but thankfully the kids were open to doing those things today instead. There was a time they wouldn’t have been and I’d have been making carbonara at 11:30pm. The cake got done, and that was the important thing.

Someone ordered, of all things, a custom sequined pendant like I made a few of a few months ago. Need to start that and not forget about it entirely.

The FB cat photo print turned out pretty good. I still don’t have a good handle on how sensitizer: gum: pigment: exposure time ratios all affect the final print. I should do a bunch of test exposures but...I’d rather wing it every time tbh.

Every time I see someone’s selfie now I think, how would this look as one of my prints? I really wanna do these but I don’t want to creep people out (it was fine to do it with the cat but people are a different matter).

And there are so many. Even if I could use what I want, curating the images becomes the interesting act. Which ones? How can I build meaning with those choices? And what to do with them? What does one do with photography? I can imagine I would love to attend such a show, digital photo culture fed back through alt processes. I can see a white wall with many small frames and rows of selfies, rows of cats, rows of dick pics. Hahaha. (welcome to the Hall of Shame, dick pic guys!). It’s a little bit dada, a little bit solid art tradition, a little bit conceptual (make it about memory? Maybe. Or the ubiquitous and ephemeral, made tangible and maybe precious). But a whole lot of pointless. Especially for me, just a woman in a cluttered room.

Of course now what will happen, having settled on an unreachable ideal of a project, I’ll lose interest and wander off.

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