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Language Log

Tuesday, Jun. 09, 2020 - 7:13 p.m.

Second entry. Not that I have anything more today. I tried to start processing more images into negatives but for some reason can’t get them from email into Photoshop. Why. Fuck. One time there was a place for me to drag and drop an image to work on but now there isn’t. And I can’t save it to photos and open it from there. Why. Fuck.

Oh yes I forgot to mention that one print I tried some of the metallic pigment and yes, it made the dark parts shiny. Will experiment more with that. I have this vision now: over the cyan, washes of color. Not all one hue but many. It’ll be subdued but lush.

Today I tried mixing the gum and pigments together and then measuring that to mix with the bichromate solution by small pipettesful (pipe tresh? suggests autocorrect. No.). It worked, the proportions worked. But it still darkens up too much and doesn’t wash out enough over multiple layers.

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