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Language Log

Monday, Jun. 22, 2020 - 10:18 a.m.

I had terrible luck with printing yesterday. Today I am going to do things with needle and thread: mending, finally making that sequined pendant. Also the tshirts are dry and ready to ship. I just need to package them up. Wordy’s has a smudge on it near the dragon’s tail but I think it’ll wash out. I hope. I’d do another but that’s the last shirt I have in that size.

Despite my failing at printing yesterday— one day, it was only one day— I’m trying so hard to keep momentum going without a plan for monetizing it. If I monetize it I will not want to do it anymore.

What I need is a plan for what to do with the photos I don’t send to people.

I need more paper again already. I also want more pigments. The place I get the dried pigment from is having a sale on their new pthalo blue and I put it in my cart along with a few others and it’s like $54 before shipping. I don’t need that many. Yes I do. I can’t afford that many. I need more paper again already.

Did I say the thing I was thinking about envelopes? It could get really complicated. It could.

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