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Language Log

Monday, Jun. 29, 2020 - 10:34 a.m.

Some photos turn out perfect every time and other don’t turn out at all no matter how many times I try.

Sometimes I want to rub out the faces, just completely occlude them. On the prints that have already failed anyway. I think it would be very disturbing and thus somehow appealing. But it seems like an act of violence against the nice people who have let me use their images. Like they give me their yearbook photo and I scribble all over their face.

Gotta finish up the one I’m doing now and put it all away and get things packed up and tidied up. I am resisting, every fiber of me is resisting because I can already anticipate the points of contention and the conversations I will be expected to have. I will need to account for myself or field suggestions of how to improve my family (and myself).

The PDA educator I follow had a line about not trying to get children to unmask, but un-cunting the teachers. The observation being that when a PDA child is comfortable, they can be themselves and are more open to expiration, lower need for control, etc. and that’s a thing you change about their environment and the people around them, not about them.

Don’t know how I can un-cunt my in-laws for these purposes. I need to jot down all the good Harry Thompson quotes, do them in blackletter, and send them to them on a daily basis until they block me or learn. Ha.

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