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Language Log

Monday, Jul. 13, 2020 - 3:39 p.m.

Took a really great pic of my butt today with the pinhole camera. Actually I took 2, one with each camera, placed in the same place and with me in same pose and similar exposure times. It was useful to see the differences. I only liked one of them.

Want to take a couple more pics today but again, not sure of what. I guess my tits will have to be next.

It’s rewarding to hear Gammie getting increasingly annoyed with my kids, but irksome to know that she only blames me and J for them having bad habits. Really the way we’ve been handling things has been slowing working to hold us together as they mature on their own. But everyone thinks there should be some sort of a short term solution.

I have this one thread from some parenting page on FB where I was discussing issues that U and M were having years ago. When I was just beginning to have an inkling of who she was, and no idea yet about him. But it was so them. And everyone’s advice, designed with neurotypical children in mind, was never going to work. I knew it then, and it’s only clearer now. It’s still that way. The children typical parents have in mind when they give advice is not who my children are.

My father in law, wanting to “make U apologize” for something. Even if you accept that making someone apologize is ever legitimate— AND I DO NOT— with U it’s like, and when he won’t, what then? Some kind of additional punishment? And when he still won’t comply, what then? And when you just keep magnifying your punishments and he keeps amplifying his counter reaction, what then? What next? That’s the problem with punishments. When you have a strong willed child it quickly becomes a battle of wills, not about teaching them. And can quickly escalate to abuse.

Anyway. I am ready to go home, in case anyone was wondering.

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