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Language Log

Wednesday, Jul. 22, 2020 - 12:37 p.m.

Not leaving today after all. Couldn’t find anywhere to stay tonight.

Been working out more the last couple days. Enough to make myself sore. It feels better. Perhaps it flexes my sense of self-efficacy which is eroded in these circumstances.

I suppose there’s some value to being forced to lay fallow for a time. I have skills and ideas I didn’t have when I left. Frustrated though it’s been. And pinhole photography, slow as it is, I’ve improved quite a lot in just a week or so. I was looking at this one photographer’s patreon statement, some guy in Bosnia who does wet plate collodion, goes out into forests and sets up a mobile darkroom there, anyway he had a bit about photographers discovering for themselves what good photography means to them. I like that, that’s something you get with analog that’s easier to bypass with digital. You don’t see how much the camera does for you until you have the simplest version that does essentially nothing.

Anyway. We’ll leave tomorrow.

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