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Language Log

Friday, Jul. 31, 2020 - 8:22 p.m.

I ended up following my own instincts about what my prints needed, and finally got a good print. Tomorrow I’ll try with one of the more challenging images and see if it goes any better.

I have a couple shows I’m going to submit images to if I can finally get it right.

My friend said these pictures were “like what the ghost from the Ring would mail you, if she mailed things”, and I think that’s my aesthetic exactly. And I’m that much creepier than the ghost from the Ring because I WILL mail you things.

Maybe I should do a subscription service: once a month I will mail you a creepy photo.


Throw a couple more items of ephemera in there and it’s almost a good idea.


I ran a clothes line around the perimeter of my proposed Weirdo Photo Shoot area. My thought was just to hang a sheet on it for some functional barrier or backdrop. Wish it could be something I could leave up. Kinda elaborate to put all that up for just a couple pics. Oh well. I don’t have any better ideas just now.

And then I need to clean up the weeds, move all the stuff that’s been sitting there waiting to be thrown out for 8 years...maybe put a couple pieces of patio furniture out there? But it’ll get stolen. Maybe salvage some from somewhere.

And I need some black fabric. Floral might be funny too. Different weird props. I should bring what’s left of the whale bones out there.

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