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Language Log

Saturday, Aug. 08, 2020 - 3:16 p.m.

So I got that jewelry order. It’s a good amount and I’m happy about it given that I have done zero to promote myself since approximately March. But trying to transition from photos to jewelry isn’t going to well. I keep wanting to mess with bookbinding, which is neither jewelry nor photography (but could be either I suppose).

I also keep thinking about the books I want to do. I have one one hand, no one will want to buy them if they’re weird homemade artist books. And on the other, who cares, probably no one will buy them anyway in which case I should just make something awesome. Clearly the latter is the right answer but I’m having trouble being clear about my goals.

Purity of vision without reference to audience. It’s already niche. People in that niche will not mind that it is niche.

I want to lay in bed and stare at the wall for a few hours.

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