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Language Log

Saturday, Aug. 22, 2020 - 1:32 p.m.

Doing much better today. The neurochemical winds have shifted in our favor once again. Let us set sail and try to make good time while the breeze is at our back.

Learned that my printer will indeed print something longer than 11”, so I can print the book as planned. I’m excited for my paper to get here. Not that I have nearly enough prints yet. If I stop too soon it’ll be too thin and insubstantial. Maybe I shouldn’t let my aesthetic be overly influenced by years of commercial book use, maybe I have more leeway for a process such as mine. But anyway, I want it longer.

Need a title. So far my only idea is “Ow Fuck, Volume 1: Titties in Torment” but maybe that isn’t artsy enough. Taking suggestions!

A friend of mine has been posting her measurements and workout regimen for the past couple weeks and her progress is impressive. It’s not especially more grueling than what mine is, when I’m doing mine consistently, except more reps. So I’m going to try to buckle down here. I always like the feeling of self-efficacy and fitting into my pants. I will probably be so sore after today I won’t come back to it for a week.

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