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Language Log

Friday, Sept. 04, 2020 - 7:50 a.m.

We (by which I mean mostly J) assembled a new loft bed for Q yesterday. One that she picked out and has been waiting to arrive for at least a month. Got it assembled, figured out where best to put it...and she broke down in tears wanting her old bed back. Refused to sleep in there. Says she doesn’t want to get used to it.


She only recently started sleeping in her room again instead of ours.


Mom brought her a dollar store dream catcher object, and described it as being “for good luck”. Soon as she left I explained it wasn’t for good luck, it was a sacred religious object to some Native Americans, which white people started using because they thought it looked pretty, but grandma didn’t understand these things. Q said she didn’t want it. Thank goodness.

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