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Language Log

Friday, Sept. 11, 2020 - 9:16 p.m.

Moved tables in and out of the casita. It’s beginning to feel like my space now, I feel like I’m moving into a new apartment. There’s still a lot in the cabinets and I have to figure out where to have the fabric/sewing stuff. I want a floor space to lounge around on once we get the bed out. Cushions and whatnot.

I was looking on society6 for stuff and I notice they have a lot of nsfw stuff there and maybe I could put some of my new art there sometime. I think a cyanotype nipple mosaic would look nice on leggings or perhaps a shower curtain. Fanny pack.

More seriously, I should mine public domain images for stuff to put on things on there. Someone has the whole Voynich manuscript up there! You can have a shower curtain with the weirdest fucking manuscript of all time on it if you want. Or the cats licking butts. I could do this too. No one has the homocidal manuscript rabbits up there yet.

I haven’t made prints for a few days because of the casita studio shuffle, and now there’s smoke covering the sun.

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