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Language Log

Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020 - 7:46 p.m.

Today we moved the main work table into its space in the casita. This is big! Soon I will have no more excuses not to work! Except for the smoke occluding the sun. But honestly that will make the exposure times longer but the prints may be better. More subtle levels shading, and if I get distracted and overexpose it for a minute it won’t ruin the whole shebang.

I went to the plant nursery and bought some plants for the fall. Mint to replace the mint that died over the summer. Lemon balm, oregano. “Apple cider” geranium because I have a soft spot for scented geranium even though I can never keep them alive. A new lavender (dark purple). And an eggplant. My thinking was the the (relatively) cool grey weather would allow them to get established with less stress than usual this time of year, but now I’m wondering how long the smoke will last and whether there will be enough sun for them in the long run. Today the sun was a pale red disc.

Still been working out pretty consistently. Have been failing to resist the foods I would rather resist (ice cream, liquor), and haven’t quite been meeting my workout goals, but even “not quite” meeting them is a harder level of workout than in the past. Every time I stop hurting it’s a reminder to go do another set of something.

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