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Language Log

Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020 - 4:46 p.m.

Once again wishing I could figure out how to make money. I want to start promoting the jewelry again but you know when they’re buying for the holiday season? Right now. Guess I could run an ad. All faith in my ability to get accounts locally by calling on the telephone or emailing is gone. Stupid Etsy store not worth it either. Though I still think the nipple pieces might do ok. Maybe I am yet again overestimating other people’s weirdness.

I wanted to have the book done by the end of October but I don’t want to start doing prints again until the studio move is complete. Anyway that has nothing to do with money. I have no illusions that I’m going to make my fortune as a kinky alt photo bookbinder. If this world were just, I would, but it ain’t.

I worked really hard and the floor upstairs is cleared and vacuumed and ready to receive the bed from the casita bedroom. I wish I could move the bed by myself. I’d get it done.

Almost a year ago I was in Wales. I want to go again. Last I read they probably won’t lift the 2 week quarantine for US citizens until November (and that’s if the virus stays chill and we get a better president). So when could I. I don’t know. I hate having things out of my control. Money, virus, travel, other stuff about my friend there’s situation. Where’s my agency? What can I even affect, to do my part?

Suppose it’s time to think about my Halloween card again.

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