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Language Log

Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020 - 11:47 a.m.

Got the casita pretty much set up as I like. More stuff to remove in the bathroom, and the rest of the dishes from the one kitchen cabinet. The remainder of stuff to bring over is in the category of small irritating I sorted piles of miscellany. The worst. But maybe I can get back to work soon.

I did a tarot reading about my art. It was easily interpreted and pretty positive, if not yielding dramatic new insights. Basically that if I can prioritize my projects, distribute my energy and attention well, and manage to wrestle myself out of my current confusion/ennui, hopefully things will succeed. Yep. That’s my theory too, Tarot. I figure my attention is best spent on the jewelry, and the photos. My desire to distribute artful propaganda has cropped up again but it can’t be the priority.

I work out hard for a few days and then I can feel my muscles, not sore, but warm and buzzing with tiredness. I feel like I’m running hot. Then I take a break for a day or two to build muscle. I should eat more protein.

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