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Monday, Sept. 28, 2020 - 11:06 a.m.

Getting a thought down to return to later maybe.

Probably my most controversial opinion that I don’t generally express anywhere is that self-harm is not inherently wrong. Same with “unhealthy coping mechanisms”. There’s a range and they are not all the same. But people act like they are.

I just read a thing about emotional addiction too about signs of it and I don’t see why that’s necessarily harmful either. Just as some levels of substance addiction are acceptable to some people and others aren’t. Caffeine vs alcohol vs heroin.

I also read a thing recently about how fat shaming is bad but also holding “healthy” as some kind of ideal is also not good. I’m not sure I agree with that take as expressed but it relates back to the above in some way I’d like to flesh out more fully sometime.

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