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Language Log

Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020 - 7:35 p.m.

Entry 2

1. Making costumes. I am not enjoying it.
2. The shirt I dyed grey, can’t decide whether I want to leave it plain, or print on it, or embroider it, or what. Sequins?
3. Thinking about how I’d like to do another embossed pic. A lot of effort and not a damn thing to do with it, why wouldn’t I want to?
4. Wanted to do a little Halloween print/card/something to send round to cheer people up, but I’ve waited too long. Maybe something for November.
5. Need to mend my jeans
6. Need to work on jewelr
7. Need to work on the nipple jewelry
8. Still thinking about appliqué. I think if I hit on the right subject I’d go for it, but...what. I dunno.
9. Some movement/yoga teacher has been aggressively advertising her tutorials at me for weeks now and I’m about ready to cave. Only $47. She gives little samples in the ads and I have been doing some of the things. I was supposed to buy weights and new leg weights and that would have cost that much probably. Someone come enable me.

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