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Language Log

Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020 - 12:33 p.m.

I did buy the core strength program thing. Have done the first day lesson and I like it so far. They’re the kind of exercises I like to do. Not always quite doable yet but I expect progress. I do think it’ll be a better investment than more weights right now. I think I would like the flexibility training one too but that was $97 and so...not yet.

One piece of progress I’ve noticed recently is that I’m now actually able to sit in a squat with my feet flat on the floor without falling over. My back still isn’t as straight and upright as it should be, but I’ll keep working on it. Not quite sure how I achieved this progress. Maybe just doing deeper squats. I have found that The Prodigy’s Poison is the perfect song to do squats to.

I am still listening to The Prodigy on repeat and am having an inexplicable desire to do club drugs. Haha. Being a social hermit has been my biggest act of self-preservation, lord knows it’s not self control or morals.

Totally unrelatedly, this phrase is catchy and important and may make it onto my next print: “solidarity, not charity”

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