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Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020 - 8:04 p.m.

Got Q and U their flu vaccines today. Last year Q wasn’t able to do it due to anxiety, but this year she did just fine. So proud of her. She said she had practiced by poking a pen into her arm and was pleasantly surprised that the real thing didn’t hurt at all in comparison. She seemed to feel really good about herself. Also got her to let me trim her hair and wash it, and she stayed up all day so maybe her sleep schedule will be normal for a few days.

U did fine too apart from the anxiety of being in the doctor office. He also wore a mask (he’s been refusing but everything else he has just opted out of doing), “but I’ll never do it again!”.

And he has been riding in his toddler car seat this whole time...I had warned him months ago that at some point he would reach the weight limit and he would need to change seats for safety. Well he’s been monitoring his weight and told me that since he’s 70 lbs now he would move to a booster seat when he is at 71. A booster just like Q’s was, but blue. And also we had to keep the old seat forever. I agreed.

This is how he does things...his own pace and own plan. I just asked him, “what’s your plan? What should we do?” And he proposed the solution. Now to get him out of his falling apart shoes and moving forward on some other issues that he doesn’t see as problems yet....he’s matured a lot. Brain development, yay.

Didn’t get anything done on my jewelry order today tho. Tomorrow, light speed catch up.

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