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Language Log

Monday, Dec. 14, 2020 - 11:16 p.m.

Had another idea for a card but I will not start over. Printed more cards today. I made a list of dumb shit to write in them. My stamps still haven’t arrived.

I feel worse in the evenings and I shouldn’t update here then. Waves of self hatred. I even had a good nap this evening.

After some luck making nice metallic ink I looked up the website of the manufacturer of the metallic powders I used and they still sell them! And then I looked up holographic powders and found a company that sells holographic powders, flakes, thermal sensitive pigments and dyes, sunlight sensitive pigments. And I’ve been trying to think of something cool to do with them as an excuse to get some but it all just seems kinda gimmicky, even as I find them genuinely stimmy and enjoyable. I find that a weird combo.

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