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Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2020 - 10:45 p.m.

Yesterday was rough again but today was much better.

Eating too many cookies. I always think I’ll be able to make the cookies and then not eat the hell out of them, and I’m always wrong about it.

I will say, I have been continuing on the flexibility routines and am really able to see improvements. Still can’t do downward dog very well, but am getting closer, and my squats are deeper, butterfly is deeper, can touch my toes more easily, do the exercises that I couldn’t very well at the beginning, etc etc. Real progress with hip flexibility (which I hadn’t even realized was a problem). I’ve been focusing on middle splits, which is uh...going to take a while...but I think it will get there. It may take a year! But still.

I started adding in the upper body flexibility routine today too because my spine and shoulders are nowhere near flexible enough. I think improving that will help my posture a lot.

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