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Language Log

Friday, Dec. 18, 2020 - 12:47 a.m.

Did the first layer of resin on the batch of jewelry I prepped last week. Hope to do the second tomorrow. The ads for the virtual expo went live a couple days ago and I haven’t even submitted my photos yet. Failing.

Still haven’t received the stamps I ordered. Can’t mail anything till I get stamps. Wish I hadn’t leaned so hard on the Christmas stamps now.

Had the urge to wrap fabric in thread again. Started a choker for myself thusly. I hate it because I find it so satisfying and I feel the product is equal parts detestable and appealing. Ham handed and unsophisticated, but...yes, appealing. I hate it when I like doing things that many other people can do and do better. That’s what it comes down to. No weird specialist niche when it comes to wrapping a piece of string around a strip of fabric. It should be art for me, then, and the fact that I can’t celebrate it as such belies my commercial motivations in all things despite my occasional posturing.

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