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Language Log

Thursday, Dec. 31, 2020 - 10:49 p.m.

Did some more pinhole pics today. Most of them didn’t really turn out. I posted the selfie on FB. Even that was somewhat underdeveloped but acceptable to me. I’ll try more tomorrow.

I started making another mask/hood today. Out of the leg of a pair of Q’s old pants. It has a rectangular pocket on it which I positioned to go right in the middle of the face so it doubles as a blindfold and the detailing on the pockets kind of looks like eyes. What would you keep in there. Snacks? I want to add something more to it to make it more interesting but I’m not sure what yet. It’s just a dark blue material.

Faced by the desire to make these, again, and the lack of anything much to do with them, I may make them just to take pinhole selfies in. The embellishments will need to be rather bold in order to register. The one I did today I had the flowered mask on and you can’t see the pattern at all. It does make it look like I just don’t have a face, so that’s pretty cool. Anyway I have in mind a self portrait with this one where I have a mass of flowers in the pocket in the middle of my face. It’s too bad colors and small details won’t show but maybe I can sort that out eventually, or if I get images good enough to print with gum bichromate I can play with that part at that stage.

Saw one of the kittens from the summer hiding out in the neighbor’s junk truck in the alley. Glad it found a cozy spot.

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