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Language Log

Monday, Jan. 04, 2021 - 10:39 p.m.

Night before last U basically didn’t go to sleep at all; finally fell asleep around 11am. Napped till 7 pm. Up all night. Fell asleep at 8am this morning. Who knows what tonight will bring. He mostly leaves me be except for wanting me to make him ramen noodles at 2:30am. The main problem is I end up sleeping on the couch, which isn’t long enough for me, very uncomfortable, bad sleep.

We’ve been reading The Mysterious Benedict Society series. On book 2 now. Q was interested in book 1; I tried to give it to her and she got all anxious about it, but then I placed it strategically in her room and I _think_ she’s reading it. I hope so. She didn’t bring it out and chuck it across the room, anyway.

I read it aloud to U, but he can read pretty much any of it if he wants to. I don’t know how his reading level skyrocketed without him reading anything but Minecraft and other video game text, but there we are. A couple days ago we went through the words lists at the very end of the phonics book we have— multi syllable words, advanced vocabulary, and he can read any of it. Doesn’t know what every word means yet, but that seems fine. He’s doing very well for an 8yo. Unschooling.

In the flexibility routine I had been doing the middle splits concentration; switched it today to the backbends one. It still has a couple days of lower body work, but hopefully not the stuff that will mess me up again. And I like the upper body work for spine and shoulder flexibility. Hope to improve my posture this way over time, if I just don’t screw up my back and shoulders in addition to my knees. I can already do backbends but there’s room for more comfort and improvement, for sure. And the thorough proper warm up first is no doubt a good idea.

Mom called tonight; she called my phone twice and left a message, and then called J’s phone. The message for me just said to call her; the message she left for him berated us for not picking up. So I called back because it sounded like an emergency, right? Did the cat die? Was she out driving around and got disoriented? Why, no. She was filling out a survey/donation pitch from the Arbor Foundation and needed to know whether the part of town she lives in counts as “urban” or “suburban”, and did we think the palo verde is a good choice for the official state tree? There was also a discussion about crepe myrtles. By the end of it I was hitting myself in the head to self-regulate (note to self: remove ring first). She wonders why we don’t usually answer the phone. I used my spoons up on this. My irritation is BOUNDLESS.

You can say she just wants an excuse for contact. It’s innocent enough. It isn’t abusive at all. A more socially robust person could handle it or even enjoy it. But nevertheless it stresses me the fuck out, and is what I need to avoid because it then leaves me drained for EVERYTHING else for a period of time. That’s not something I can control. If I had the inner resources for it I’d be a good sport. But, my friends, I do not.

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