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Language Log

Monday, Jan. 18, 2021 - 4:04 p.m.

Buddha’s hand vodka is done, now doing a second infusion with gin. Even better.

Posted an article about stress sleeping. The examples in the article were all of people sleeping due to fights or work stress or whatever. For me it’s just...life, normal activities and my brain doing what it does.

This morning was fine for me. I was working but my work was sort of mindless— hammering findings and assembling pieces— and my brain started to get gummed up with negative thoughts, I started to get upset and had to take a break. Then U came in demanding food. He’s like someone delivering a shock to my nervous system over and over, between the sudden movements and the “FOOD!!!” and then he also bumps into me, touches my hair. I realize it’s his own neurology needing sensory input and being unable to regulate volume, but he’s like one of those big may flies we have here that just sort of bumps against the walls over and over. Bumping into me with no purpose. And J wanted to talk about the kitchen door we want to replace and the new fridge and any sort of talk of changes to the house make U go “No we’re not getting a new door! Not getting a new fridge!” and then he won’t stop talking about it at least for the day as he has to adjust to the idea. And there I am, with this bumpy mayfly of an 8year old who for some reason has opinions about he household refrigerator. (I can’t even imagine; it’s so boring I can hardly think about it myself).

Anyway that’s what triggered my nap today. I was already on my way to needing one before the refrigerator discussion happened. Afterward I wake just as calm and clear as can be and no longer distressed. The article suggested it may have to do with childhood issues (I don’t know), or short term memory issues and how sleep helps process and integrate stuff. Another article suggested it has to do with the brain regulating glucose levels. Anyway, brain reset. Although now U is still demanding one thing or another every time I turn around and I’m well on my way to needing another nap.

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