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Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021 - 10:10 a.m.

Let’s see...Monday I ended up having a meltdown despite the reset nap. It was a particularly unpleasant one. Then yesterday I wasn’t able to get much done jewelry-wise because in some way I was still recovering. I did go for a little walk and exercised some. Today I’m feeling better.

Inauguration. My FB feed is split between people who are mighty fucking relieved about the end of this nightmare, and feeling feels about Harris, and leftists who refuse to acknowledge that it might be in any way an improvement. I understand the desire to say, hey, this is still not the system I think will work best for everyone, and the influences that made Trump possible are still in place and we need to have a more radical approach and not be complacent in order to truly change things. But I also don’t know how you can look at the list of day one executive orders and not feel a tremendous sense of relief. How can you say it’s the same? I am, frankly, annoyed. I’m annoyed by white middle class liberals who are happy and complacent, who might see this as enough, and I’m annoyed by leftists who see it as nothing.

Don’t see how you can be mad at the outrageous shitty shit Trump did— so much we could hardly keep up with it— and not feel a sense of relief at the prospect of systematically undoing the shitty shit.

I do want people not to be dazzled by the gift wrapping of diversity, for example, and to look deeper and into less obvious corners to see what should still be changed and which might be getting a pass. But you can’t say “representation matters” and then when someone finally begins providing representation, say that it doesn’t matter either.

Once again, nearly everyone annoys me. I myself am relieved and can’t wait to see the transition happen peacefully and for the evil of the last 4 years to be reversed and for some of what needs done to finally get done. The cultural issues, the worm at the heart of the castle, still need to be dealt with. But in the meantime vaccinations would be great.

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