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Language Log

Friday, Jan. 22, 2021 - 9:06 a.m.

Entry 2:
Trying to get a good selection of items in the IndieMe shop. Not everything I already make is there. But also my mind is wandering to What Else, which is often good and equally often, bad.

But there are gaps in my offerings. Price wise I need some higher end, “wow” items. And maybe offering different colors seasonally.

The easiest thing is to keep making different shapes or combinations of shapes for the items that sell best. At some point that becomes overwhelming. I can always rotate things out, of course.

Idk I was wishing I could incorporate fiber into it somehow, wrapped links maybe, but does it fit in? Will they see this as something that will obviously not sell, and question my judgment entirely?

Maybe I’ll develop a new line...work through it slowly...add it in the fall of it still seems like a good idea. Probably I’ll get bored of it before then anyway.

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