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Language Log

Sunday, Feb. 28, 2021 - 3:44 p.m.

I haven’t been doing the exercise schedule quite as assiduously as I had planned (surprise) but I am sticking with the stretches, mostly. I can see progress. Some positions I couldn’t do in the beginning, I can now. There’s this one quad stretch in particular that I couldn’t get into before, and I can now. My down dog is looking better. I’ve been very cautiously doing the pigeons a bit again since I had theorized that lack of some flexibility elements was the issue there. Now my calves and quads are getting more flexible and the pigeons have not hurt me. So far so good? It’s encouraging.

When I think about my jewelry I sometimes wonder what the paper and resin really do for me symbolically as materials. The paper used to be something but now it’s almost invisible. The resin is industrial. I guess it works okay with alt photography. Modern materials and all, if you can call cyanotype modern (not sure you can in any sense, but neither is it “traditional”.)

I keep thinking about textiles. I wonder if I could make something similar, but in textiles, and bring additional symbolic value to it. Am I even skilled enough? I don’t know. Textiles also erase the “how did she do that, what even is this?” factor. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing or an even trade? I don’t know.

I’m having one of my creative possibility moments, which is something I’ve missed, but now that I’m having it I’m like Oh no. Because these so often just suck up a bunch of my time and distract me and result in nothing. But anyway I cut two very small (less than one inch) hexagons of linen and then stitched them together in a way that was at once very time consuming and ended up looking like badly done machine stitching, the kind that wraps around the edge to finish something. And now I have this little object and creative brain is going: use cyanotype on fabric, use different colored stitching, use different colors of cloth, use natural dyes on the cloth, make more and stitch them together, use as appliqué, stitch something smaller onto it, beads, sequins, more cloth, embroidery. Make a bracelet. Make a collar. Make something sculptural. Stitch it onto cord and use as a necklace. Couch the cord onto it. Stitch them together into whatever they’re going to be and then make a cyanotype overtop of it all. Make it about the color gradations.

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