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Saturday, Mar. 20, 2021 - 2:15 p.m.

There was a thing yesterday interviewing someone about women’s safety. The kind of measures she takes to be safe all the time on campus and with her friends and at parties.

People say often that women have to think about it all the time. For this person, imagining not having to do it all was very freeing. Just the thought of it.

The truth is that I have never much thought about it. Late at night here in city the size of Tucson, I wouldn’t walk around very late I guess, but it wouldn’t even especially be sexual violence I’d be worried about. I’ve never worried about that.

So my question is, I’ve been fine. 47 years of just fine, from young to now, small towns, college towns, medium towns. Have I just been incredibly lucky? Or is the danger oversold? I mean, I know there’s violence and bad shit happens. But does it happen the moment someone relaxes? If you don’t routinely watch for someone following you, how often are you followed, really?

I just don’t know that that safety is worth the kind of hypervigilance that many people seem to feel is normal. But, again, maybe I’m just lucky.

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