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Language Log

Tuesday, Mar. 23, 2021 - 10:18 p.m.

I see I updated this morning but it feels like years ago. I got the one order out. Still have to put the second invoice in the mail. Meant to do it today but failed. Never did start the second order. Oh yeah those fuckers, this is their third or fourth reorder and they changed payment method from processing through the website to “call for credit card” and why is everyone doing this to me? Fuck.

Failed to do anything at all after that, more or less. One of those “brain work is swimming through peanut butter” days when I can’t seem to do anything at all. At first I thought it was because I didn’t have enough tea and was therefore fatally undercaffeinated and also dehydrated, but J rescued me with tea and while it helped, it didn’t fully solve my issue. I just hope I wake up feeling better tomorrow, I guess. I don’t think I’m sick, I think it’s a you know. Whatever it is when I get like this. Malfunctioning noodle.

Tried to do some transcription and couldn’t stand the sound of people talking.

I thought about giraffe print water towers. And snakeskin, but honestly giraffe print seems both funnier and more unexpected. It would be furry, fluffier than a real giraffe, and people would constantly break into the water tower compound in order to hug it. The snakeskin one would be metallic purple. A pinkish purple. You would put your hand on it and feel it breathing.

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