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Language Log

Saturday, Mar. 27, 2021 - 8:23 a.m.

Got my vaccine appointment for next week. The appointments officially dropped at 11am, and J started checking for them a couple minutes before and they were already being snatched up almost quicker than he could click. Such an unfair system. But I’m still glad I managed to snag one. I want tattoos, I want to sit in the coffee shop again.

U woke me 4 times last night. 12am, 2 am, 4 am, 6am. Wanting food. He’s like a cat, either waking me for food or running around the place like crazy. But both J and I had noticed that he’s been a little more chill in other ways. I thought his sleep would start working back around the clock again, but it hasn’t.

I thought both Easter and Passover were this weekend, but no. Just Passover. So that’s more manageable than I thought. I made brisket last night and will make chicken soup today.

We were talking about it with the kids and trying to explain what the holiday was. Uly said it sounded boring. I said yeah maybe, but it was important to a lot of people, especially Papa. “iT’s ImPoRtAnT tO a LoT oF pEoPlE”, he said. It was funny, I’m sorry. His PDA manifestation just keeps getting funnier.

Then later J was telling E about his job of asking the questions. “ME??? I get to ask a QUESTION???? Yayyyyyy!!!!” His excitement was sincere and manifest, and that is the difference between those two people, summed up.

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