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Language Log

Saturday, Mar. 27, 2021 - 4:36 p.m.

Entry 2. Brain is a bit haywire today. In that creative overdrive phase it gets in, only no one asked it. Also for a good hour there it was repeating “CHEEZUS CHEEZUS CHEEZUS” over and over again. While it gave me a slide show of possible creative projects and how I might do them.

I listened to a lecture by a textile artist and I think that’s what set me off. When I admire someone’s work and wish mine were that good, that meaningful, that I had a theme I could address to build a body of work that would mean something to someone someday.

I’m selling my work and that isn’t satisfying. The street art pieces were satisfying but I never wanted to put the labor into them for something ephemeral like that. Or that felt ephemeral to me. So I don’t know what to do with any objects I might produce.

I don’t want to take on selling anything else. I like to give things away but half the time I fall through when it comes to mailing them out. So what’s the venue, how do I get them out there where they can mean anything to anyone but me. How can I know if it’s good and worth continuing if no one else interacts with it?

Anyway, it’s just all frustration. No good ideas. No nothing.

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