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Language Log

Saturday, Apr. 17, 2021 - 8:21 p.m.

Did two gloriously straightforward transcriptions today. The speaker had an educated NC accent and spoke slowly. I thought of stereotypes of southern speech and was grateful for whatever truth there is to them. I want to also connect the speech rate to the lack of fillers and false starts, which also made things easier for me. Taking a little extra processing time pays off, folks.

Anyway, the check this week will be decent.

I’m always wishing I had small stamps for stamping over grease spots on my tshirts. I mean, I have a lot of small stamps but I don’t want to use any of them for that. Anyway I sat down and drew some of the leaves I have dried, and carved one of them into a stamp. Two actually, but the second one didn’t turn out very well. I was using pink rubber, but that one will probably have to be lino. Anyway, I think I will draw a few natural variations of the leaves I like to use best and then make stamps out of them and then cover the stains with those. Can also try out mandala arrangements with them. Patches, of course. Use them on mail. I dunno, I think they’ll be useful.

Tomorrow is tattoo day! I’m just waiting for that, really.

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