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Language Log

Monday, Apr. 26, 2021 - 7:30 p.m.

I got jewelry 2 orders over the weekend. One from a place that had given me the cold shoulder when I was in Indiana, but had been to me the ideal example of a shop I would like my work in. So a few years of craftsmanship and marketing later, there I am. Small order, hopefully it’ll do well for them. It’s the cyan blue. And the plants. Everyone loves blue and plants.

So today I’ve been bouncing back and forth between exercise, jewelry work, transcription. Stayed on target with all of it, go me. Except I haven’t done any of the stretching routines yet. Ah well. There’s still time.

I also managed to make a loaf of bread and a loaf of soda bread, which I noticed is basically just a giant biscuit and now I can’t shut up about that realization.

Update: I did do the stretching routines, so yessss. All goals accomplished, for one day at least.

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