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Language Log

Friday, Apr. 30, 2021 - 7:45 p.m.

Today started okay, transcribed an interview with a Very Famous Actress who spent part of the time talking about hanging out with my Very Favorite Director. So that was fun.

Then Q got upset because I handed the computer over to her without unplugging the headphones and turning the speakers off, so the noise startled her and she yelled at me and called me stupid a couple times and then I went and had a meltdown due to that. And basically got nothing else done the rest of the day. None of my jewelry work, which I had meant to finish one order today. It was like being hit on the head with a big cartoon mallet that just drove me straight into the ground. Everything felt terrible and I had my worst thoughts.

Went to go get myself some nail polish as a quick indulgence and mood restorer, but that place was closed and so I just came home, disappointed, and laid there until it was time to get E.

I did drink some gin tonight, so there’s that.

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