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Language Log

Sunday, May. 09, 2021 - 11:21 p.m.

Today was less good than I had hoped it would be. The main thing was to be my tattoo. First, yesterday, “can we postpone till 1, I’m going to be working late”. Okay, sure. Then this morning, “I was working till 3 am and I’m a zombie. Can we cancel today and reschedule ASAP?” And yes, of course. But I was looking forward to it for 3 weeks, so that was a disappointment.

Then I went to the plant nursery to get some herbs. I knew it would be busy but gosh. All the checkout lines had lines going out the door. It’s a big place, too. So I noped on out of there. Wasted an hour driving across town and back, basically.

Came home, eventually got the kids out the door to go get their Sunday pastries. Came home in the worst mood from all this, collapsed in a nap. Woke up feeling much better, but then my mother was here. It was fine, a brief and unproblematic visit. Thank god it happened after my reboot nap.

Transcribed a very boring thing. Did some stretches. I have the entire lower body mobility routine memorized now, so that’s nice.

Ate pizza. I’m ready to sleep again. Tomorrow maybe I’ll try the nursery again. Reschedule with my tattoo guy. Get it all sorted. Right?

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