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Language Log

Tuesday, May. 11, 2021 - 12:58 p.m.

Onset of creative hypomania. For a day or two I guess. Almost paralyzed within it at the moment.
1. Back to paper making, but I treat some fiber with cyanotype solution and use it as a layer of fiber or area of treated fiber as in a pulp painting, over a background of regular fiber. Maybe couched over top. Let dry, later expose it. Would the whole thing fall apart during the washing phase? Probably. How badly do I want to explore this? Is it worth it?

2. Jewelry like I do now, but instead of cyanotypes I just use stock photos of cats, butterflies, maybe turtles. Body parts. It would be kitschy and popular.

3. Rings, somehow.

4. Right now I’m embroidering a ring from scrap fabric. What will become of it? I’m sure I’ll hate it. Despite my drive to make textile art, I find it the worst because nearly everyone dabbles in it to some extent and so honestly the bar for interesting work is much higher than it is in a field like resin-paper cyanotype jewelry where I’m the only one residing in that particular niche. Anyway yes I finished the little textile thing and am hard pressed to evaluate it. I can’t move on. Tomorrow I’ll hate it.

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