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Language Log

Monday, May. 17, 2021 - 2:04 p.m.

I’ve been chewing over the first of those ideas, because of course I have. I am hung up on the text, because of course I am. What would it mean, to have the text present but jammed together and occluded by its own presence?

A few things, and what it could mean shifts depending on the type of text. I have been doing a thought experiment of shuffling different texts into my mental model of the piece to see what it changes. It changes a lot but I’m still not sure what angle I like the best.

It could be time. It could be auditory processing disorder. It could be echolalia (I have spent a good half hour today staring at the wall as the words “tent worm” repeat in my head). It could be empty advice. It could be good advice. It could be explanations. It could be a boring history text. It could be a riveting history text. Explanations from an old out of date natural history text. It could be ephemeral online text. A self-promotional FB feed. What else? Some of these are more interesting than others. Which ones? Why? Where would it be? Inside? Outside? Strung between tree branches? Tent worms tent worms tent worms tent worms

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